Monday, August 30, 2010

What to wear on the first day???

Molly has been stressing over what to wear for her first day at preschool but I think she has finally decided on an outfit. Check it out for ideas for your child:


Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Tarantula

We finally rode the Tarantula--the train that goes from Grapevine to the stock yards in Fort Worth. It was over 100 degrees outside, but we had fun anyway:) The train ride is an hour and a half long, but don't you worry... it is hijacked by outlaws along the way. I thought that was the cutest thing. A group of old men dressed like cowboys come riding up on horses and shoot air guns. The train comes to a screeching halt and the outlaws get on the train. One outlaw rode up alongside Molly's window and gave her a bullet. She thought that was the coolest thing. So did I. Soon after the outlaws came, the Sheriff showed up. He fought the bad guys and saved the train! Yea!

The stock yards were hot but full of entertainment. We were able to watch the cattle drive right down the middle of the street. I never get sick of seeing gorgeous Texas longhorns! Then there was a gun fight in the middle of the train station with the same outlaws. It was a such a fun show, but super loud. Their gun shots echoed through the alley.

Porter loved being strapped to his Mama the whole time. We stood in front of the misters for a good half hour. Molly was a great sport and wanted to explore (touch) everything. I put Blake in charge of her because it was too hot to keep up. We had a great time!

I love Texas!

PS: There was a little part of me that pretended like I was on the Hogwarts Express. Platform 9 3/4 ;)