Monday, February 14, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

Our little Brady family went to the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend and had a fabulous time! We had such a fun room with bunkbeds for Molly. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. We, of course, participated in the Magiquest game throughout the hotel and Molly picked out a pink wand with a Pegasus charm (suprised?). Blake stayed up till the game turned off at 11 PM trying to finish the quests. He felt pretty dumb walking around with the pink pegasus wand. Porter got his own red jeweled wand and they were nice enough to put it on demo so he thought he was playing. We ruled the water park for almost 4 hours the first day and the kiddos were so beat that Molly asked to return to our room. Porter was a little shy of the water but warmed up to the idea of running around by himself! He didn't want anyone to hold on to him. And then he wanted to go down the BIG slide by himself! He went down on his belly and pushed himself off. He didn't want any help. After he did it once, it was over... we went again, again and again! We had to pry him out of the water because he was so tired he just walked around whining. Storytime was at 8 PM and the lodge had a fun show prepared. Molly laid out her blanket and was a little preturbed that other kids were infringing on her space. I was just glad that the moving trees and puppets didn't freak her out like they did to another girl. It was the perfect way to close a fun filled day. The kiddos were out within five minutes and slept till 8 AM the next morning. Molly woke up, threw open the curtains and said, "Mom, Dad, it's morning!"... Vacations seemed a little more relaxing when I was a kid, mmm. But we all had a great time!