Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Day

Here is a glimpse into what goes on during a typical Brady family day:

We do a little finger painting:

Show off our masterpiece:

Lay back and enjoy a good book (or a lot of good books)

Be naughty:

Be very very naughty (totally caught in the act--I have NO clue how she got up there):

Give Mommy a pedicure:

It's a new adventure every day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wildseed Farm

We had a fabulous day today. Molly and I are visiting my parent's (well my mother, my dad's in Seattle on business) and we went to the Wildseed Farm with my cousins. It is the largest wildflower farm in the nation! Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous. They even have a butterfly house where all the butterflies will fly right onto you! Molly was scared when anything flew past her, but I did manage to get a few good pictures. The caretaker brought out four Monarchs that had just "hatched" and had not flown yet. I took some pictures of them on her hand. They were beautiful and had such rich color. Molly had a great time with the boys and kept saying, "Hey guys!" when she wanted to show them something.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I think you're beautiful

As a mother of a toddler, your day is full of time-outs, "don't touch that", "I said no", "1..2...3...", and "listen missy", but there are moments when you realize that it is all worth it. I looked at Molly today on the slide and fell in love with my little girl. She is beautiful inside and out no matter how many times I have to tell her not to hit the dog.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I thought I would document one of Molly's obsessions... putting diapers on her babies. She was entertained for over 30 minutes the other day so I decided to take some pictures. You can just imagine her intense concentration.

She often likes to start fresh and lay the blanket (in this case a towel bib) out flat again. Then she places her baby in the center and tries once more.

If starting over and over doesn't work, she takes the blanket and baby to another part of the house and tries again.

After about a half hour, she abandons the effort.

Don't worry, here she is again this morning, working hard to figure it out.

Every now and then she gets it! Well, kind of.