Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Day

Here is a glimpse into what goes on during a typical Brady family day:

We do a little finger painting:

Show off our masterpiece:

Lay back and enjoy a good book (or a lot of good books)

Be naughty:

Be very very naughty (totally caught in the act--I have NO clue how she got up there):

Give Mommy a pedicure:

It's a new adventure every day!


Kristen said...

Cutie. What a good mom you are to let her explore and make messes like that. It was fun seeing Molly again, and you too! Hopefully we can get together again soon and party before we leave.

karen said...

so cute !!! i can't believe she is almost two already (or already two).. love that pic of her giving you a pedicure..

JenW said...

love it! ethan taught avery how to scale the changing table...i actually got to watch them do it one time, pretty interesting little monkeys!

Gowdies said...

She is so fun! How eventful! I have yet to had to say that Addie can climb ontop of things. I hope all is well. Molly is growing up! She is so cute.

Jill.Ben.Betty said...

I want to come finger paint, betty would love it.

Thomas Family said...

That is too funny, your girl is adorable! I may have to ask some advice 'cause as I can see you have a "climber", its crazy how all kids are so different and my firstborn is very calm, but my 2nd (my boy) is definitely a climber...I'm so scared of what he could do. I keep hoping he'll grow out of it, but I'm afraid its really just getting worse, how have you dealt with it?