Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Drivers Ed

What a scary thought, huh? This was on our trip to Montana. We flew into Billings and then drove to Wolf Creek where Blake's family owns a luxurious cabin and outdoor fun. In this picture we had pulled over to change a dirty diaper and take care of a party pooper in the back seat. All she wanted to do was be in the front seat with daddy and hold onto the wheel. It makes me remember all of the times I asked my dad if I could drive while on the bumpy dirt road that led to my grandparent's ranch.

Molly is getting so big now and will be turning 6 months on the 25th!! Blake and I are excited to try solid foods but are sad that we no longer have an little infant. She is rolling all over the place now and uses it for her main mode of transportation. My life is going to get seriously busy once the crawling begins. She is so determined to do whatever she wants that I'm scared I will spend 24/7 nursing alligator tears from being told "no" to playing with electrical outlets and stairs. Oh dear...

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