Monday, October 29, 2007

First Buggie Ride

Today was Molly's first buggie ride. We went grocery shopping and she was finally big enough to sit in the shopping cart. I haven't bought one of those covers that goes over the cart so I used blankets. She enjoyed people watching, eating the grocery list and grabbing at anything in reach. I had to watch her the entire time or else she'd push the blanket aside and suck on the metal bar. Yeah, that happened once and I made her get in the sling. Those grocery carts are the most germ invested areas on the planet!!

We are getting ready to go Grandma Smith's house on Thursday and we are very excited. My mom couldn't stand another minute away from Molly so she bought a ticket and we're coming to visit. We'll be there five days and get spoiled every minute. Next summer when my parents move to Texas Molly will be the luckiest little girl having both of her grandparents a short drive away... talk about toys!!


Kristen said...

Don't you just love it when they can sit by themselves? It is the greatest freedom as far as grocery store shopping goes.

Bethany said...

Crawling is not so far down the road.... ahhhh.

Thanks for the cake pans! The cake was a success!!!

Thank you so much for the clothes, too! They fit just right and make me feel like one sexy mama!!!

Sherry Lynn said...

Can I come??? =) Give your mom a big hug and kiss for me.