Wednesday, October 3, 2007

So it's been a while...

Sometimes I get caught up in life, or maybe it's that life catches up with me, and I forget to relax and write on my blog. My friend Bethany showed me how to download a cool layout and widgets so I hope you enjoy my creativity. I've always considered myself to be "in the know" when it comes to computer stuff, but I am realizing how quickly I am slipping into an old fart. My neighbor who is 14 said she would come over some time and help me with my myspace account. I thought I was with it just to have an account but obviously I need some help. Molly will surpass me before I know it. She is asleep right now and I treasure this time to myself (although I'm exhausted and should be sleeping).

Blake's sister Brett is staying with us temporarily in our guest room. She has decided to join the army and needs help losing some weight before taking off for basic training. That means I have become the drill sergeant and have started kicking my own butt as well. We walk everyday and do Windsor Pilates at night. I'm actually starting to recognize my body again after having a baby. Who knows if I'll ever fit into my old jeans again.

Blake is busy building houses but the market is a little slow here in Texas as well as the rest of the US. Sometimes I envy his work schedule for the simple fact that he gets the greatest homecoming at the end of the day. When Molly sees him she almost starts crying and bounces up and down. He swoops down to pick her up and she smashes her face into his neck. How cutie is that?

Molly is growing up too fast. I think she's teething because of the amazing amount of drool and fussiness. I think she even threw a tantrum the other day when I took my water bottle away from her. She started screaming and bouncing up and down throwing her arms in the air. Oh wow... I can only imagine the terrible twos!

Our puppy dog is getting better but still has a biting problem. She gets too excited and has to put everything in her mouth... mmm, sounds like my 5 month old! But she is more enjoyable everyday as she's growing out of the puppy stage.

Well my time has ended as I listen to Molly fussing in her bouncer. Till next time...


Bethany said...

Doug has a biting problem, too. We should get Doug and your puppy together and give them a serious talking to.

I love watching Doug whe n Ryan comes home. Its sometimes a sad realiziation that dad is a lot more fun than mom, though.

Kristen said...

That is so cute that she loves her daddy that much. Meg, you are so hot and you will fit in your jeans again. It takes TIME. I am just barely recognizing my body again and Gunnar is 10 months old. It took about that long to put it on, I guess the saying goes. I'm looking u up on myspace now.