Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Molly's Post

Today mommy took me to the doctor. She brought Grandma Libby along, so that was fun. But I did not like my visit one bit! I thought that if I was nice and didn't cry the whole time that maybe I wouldn't get poked in the leg with that needle again... I was wrong! So very wrong!

I knew it was coming when they striped me down and put me on that cold scale again. I was 17.8 pounds and they called me "chunky" like I wasn't listening. Hello, I'm right here? To get back at them I peed on exam table.

When the nurse came in with all the needles, I knew I was in trouble. She tried to trick me by saying I only had three shots, but one of them I had to swallow. That was even worse! But I tried to be good and mommy held me tight. Good thing I don't have to come back here for six months!

My battle wounds!


Bethany said...

Band aids make everything better!

Jenni said...

sad...I HATE shot days! I have to take both Caden and Austin in at the same time next month for 4 year old and 18 month old shots...I'm picturing what this nightmare will be like in my head already! Nice way to get back at 'em Molly--pee away! haha...such a cutie!

Kristen said...

LOL, cutie! Poor girl. She is a chunk...Gunnar is 21 lbs, but a cutie. Love it.

Bethany said...

Are you still up for teaching on the 25th??? My phone is not working so I dont have your number.

The lesson is on Boyde K Packer's recent talk "The Weak and Simple if the Church". Call me when you get this message and I will elaborate!

Thank you!