Monday, January 21, 2008

Ever Been in the Dog House??

My father-in-law believes that there are a few things that every boy/man should know. One of them is building a dog house. Since he is over the teacher's quorum at church, he invited them to our house to build a dog house for Zoe... more like a dog condominium. They had a blast building the house and now we have the enormous structure on our back porch. Zoe loves it of course and I am waiting for the final aesthetic touches. Blake volunteered his scrap lumber from his houses and the dog condo is complete with tyvek.

Now Blake has a place to go when he's in trouble!


Ostler's said...

Wow you weren't kidding that is huge! Can you get your father-in-law- to build one for my husband? dog?

Jenni said...

That thing is a doggie hotel!!! How cool!!!

KarenH said...

Hi Megan, it's me Karen from your ward. I saw one of the blogspot address from those 26 dresses emails and I saw yours. Love your blogspot :) Looking forward to read more :) See you Sunday if I don't have my baby by then.

Anonymous said...

I believe that is Zip System paper, not Tyvek.

It looks like you guys are having fun in Tejas! I can't wait to move back!