Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

If anyone knows me, they would agree that my mom is my best friend. A day doesn't go by that we haven't talked on the phone at least three times. Blake thinks it's funny that we call each other for every little thing. But when you have someone so special in your life, you want to share every little thing. I'm so excited that they are moving to Texas! Now I can go visit at least twice a month.

Happy Birthday mom, I hope you had a wonderful day... I love you!


Sherry Lynn said...

Can she be my friend too?? I love your mom! I sent her a bday text...I hope she got it!! Ciao from Switzerland and tomorrow Germany! Love you my friend! P.S. Tell BLake I want some CHOCOLATE CAKE when ya'll come to Utah in a few weeks.

karen said...

aww happy birthday to your mom !! where are they moving from ?

Ostler's said...

Holy cow you look both look beautiful. Megan, you look stunning.

Matt and Christina said...

Hey Megan,
You can check out my blog at:
I had so much fun on tuesday night, all you girls are so great.

Thanks again,

adespain said...

I have fond memories of your mom and sleepovers in Indiana...gotta love those days! I am in Dallas now so we have to get together sometime before I go. We will be here until July 18th! My number is 919-943-7546, give me a call!

Bethany said...

That dress is FANTASTIC! I want to see a close up!