Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Best Friend Today

Beware.... be very aware! The plague has returned and is in the Brady household! First it was Molly and even on her third day she has explosive diaper diarrhea. I was next waking up at 2 AM with naseau. The vommiting started this morning and I am praying that the night will be good to me.

To add to the fun I have a horrible mouth sore. A week ago I bit the inside of my lip while eating pasta and it has gotten infected. So not only am I vommitting, but aching from the pain of doing so on my sore. I'm a mess!

The worst part of it all is how bad I feel for Blake. The poor thing has been so amazing! He not only took care of Molly ALL day and let me sleep in bed but he cleaned the house and got me medicine. I think I have the greatest husband on earth!

So take this as a warning... it's coming, and it will get you if you are not cautious.


Chris and Tara Mason said...

Holy cow! I'm so sorry that you're sick! Good job Blake - way to go the extra mile!

John, Carrie, Baby Boy, and Swampy Coplen said...

Wow! I am really sorry that you are sick!! Hopefully you will be feeling a lot better by this weekend. I am excited to see you!

karen said...

awww !!! hope you get better soon !!!!!! :) what a sweet husband you have !!

Gowdies said...

That totally stinks! I hope you feel better soon. It totally stinks to be a mom and be sick! Hey sorry I having emailed those pictures. Sometimes the littlest things seem so big to do. but I will.

Kristen said...

Hope you already feel better. I hate being sick.