Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beat the Heat!

Today a couple friends and I went to check out the Communitee Activities Center. They have a "Beat the Heat" program that allows kids to play indoors for $1. Maura, Kaiya and Molly liked the bounce house the best. It's super sweaty and full of feet, but hey they had a blast. Molly liked to jump with me or watch.

Meggie and Maura:

Kaiya getting tickles from Mom:

Molly jumpin with Mom:

Hug and make mom do the jumping:

Molly watching everyone else jump:

Then the girls started slowing down, you could totally tell:

Time for some ice cream and a nap! We had a fun day. Our experiment with the communitee center was a success. I'm going to send out an email to the rest of my friends to join us every Thursday!


Meggie and Russ said...

These pictures are so cute! The color looks awesome!!

Chris and Tara Mason said...

I cant believe they let the moms jump too! I am sooooo there next week! I love bounce houses! You're getting totally skinny by the way!

Tris said...

We sure did have fun today, I'm already looking forward to next time!

John, Carrie, Baby Boy, and Swampy Coplen said...

Grapevine really is a cool little town. Grapevine Parks and Rec does a great job organizing things for families. Working for them was the BEST job I have ever had!