Sunday, September 7, 2008

Did you think....

My friend introduced me to this song and I couldn't get it out of my head tonight. I posted it at the bottom of my blog so you can turn it on to get an idea of how my night went.

Molly was impossible. She is at the stage where she realizes that there are boundaries and Mommy is determined to follow the rules. Bedtime is at 8:00 PM and all she wanted was another packet of fruit snacks. The rule is one after dinner... end of discussion. But she thought that tonight was different and if she threw a fit, she'd get her way. I gave her a bath and Blake put her to bed, kicking and screaming the whole way. After about 10 minutes of crying in her crib I went in there to calm her down. I held her while she was thrashing and talked to her gently. I was having a bit of an anxiety moment myself as I was at the end of my rope and wanting to throw the towel in on the whole bedtime thing. But after fifteen minutes of crying she calmed down and laid in my arms. Here's when this song pops into my head.

"Did you think that my love was so weak...
that I'd just swim away if you sink?
Did you think I don't care that you aren't touching ground?
No, I'll be hanging round, if it hurts me to breathe.

Did you think that my love was so cold...
that I'd just run away if you get a little old?
Did you think I don't see that youve given all to me?
No, life would never be quite as warm without you right beside me.

Did you think that my love was so blind...
to your flaws, to your fears, everything you try to hide
Don't you know, I don't care, you're worth so much more to me.
I love you as you are. I don't ever want to be set free from you.

Put your head on my shoulder.
Lean a little longer.
Put your head on my shoulder and breathe.

Put your head on my shoulder.
Lean a little longer.
Put your head on my shoulder and breathe.

Put your head on my shoulder.
Lean a little longer.
Put your head on my shoulder and breathe"

There are going to be so many more trying times where she will push my buttons and I'll think I'm going crazy. I can't even think of raising teenagers. But never, ever, ever will my love weaken. I made a promise to her when the doctor first placed her in my arms that I would always be there and I realized as I was sitting there holding her that there is nothing she could ever do to me or in life that would make me any less in love with her. She's perfect to me.

So when you feel that you're at your wits end with your toddler (or really anyone that you love), listen to this song and it will bring you to tears realizing how much strength you really have.


ashlee said...

Oh megan I feel your pain honey! It is so hard and I die every day. Be happy you have a loving supportive husband!!!... It's much harder on your own! Ellie's new thing is "GO AWAY" GO AWAY MOMMY!! Yes she hates me already and is not even a teenager yet. I cry all the time... I am on my knees countless times a day. Oh it's the hardest thing ever.... BUT when they are so sweetly sleeping I feel so lucky to be a mommy and know it will all be worth it one day when she is grown and a mommy herself and I can watch her go through the same thing! :)

Thomas Family said...

That was a BEAUTIFUL song, thank you soo much for sharing Megan! I really enjoyed thinking of my sweet hubby and my two babies as well.
I'm still enjoying your blog and loving to see what your life is up to these days.

Kelly said...


Gowdies said...

So true! thanks for sharing!

Bethany said...

What a great mama you are. How many times have I given into the tantrum just so it would stop...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Megs!

John, Carrie, Baby Boy, and Swampy Coplen said...

there is nothing like a mama bear's love for her baby. I don't think you can really ubderstand that before you become a mom yourself.

karen said...

a good song ! thanks for sharing.. you're such a good mom and i know molly will apperciate it EVEN more after she have her own baby..

LeeAnn and Boys said...