Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Ok, so we all know that Santa is the handsome, busy, funny guy we call our husband. But who would have thought that your builder husband would have a hard time assembling a simple child's kitchen??

So maybe Nana didn't look at the box when she bought the 42 wooden piece--140 pieces of hardware. Not thinking, Santa left his drills at the North Pole (Blanco)and we assembled this all with a Phillips screwdriver. We thank Auntie Brett for taking the elf roll and helping us with the massive instruction manual.

We finally finished assembly at 12:30 AM and crawled into bed.

Blake and I exchanged gifts after midnight, our new tradition, so we would have a Christmas moment to ourselves. I got Blake an iphone which he was very excited about. He did fantastic this year and got me a ring from Tiffanys.

Morning came oh too quickly and Molly was up at 6:45 AM. She still doesn't get the whole Christmas thing so she was in a terrible mood. We had to watch Elmo in the bed to calm down a little bit before going out into the living room. But as soon as she did, all grumpiness was forgotten. She saw her kitchen and fell in love. Blake got her a monogrammed chair and I got a pink tricycle. She hopped from present to present smiling.


karen said...

wow.. cute kitchen.. bet molly loves it.. i love your christmas card !!! i better do better next year.. let's have a girls night out SOON..

Tris said...

So cute!!! You should have called us to borrow a drill! We are just around the corner & we were up santa-ing until the wee hours too...
I like the idea of exchanging gifts after midnight, it gives you 5 minutes to enjoy it!

Jennifer Lindstrom said...

Love, love, LOVE the kitchen! I want a girl just so I can buy her cute toys like that. You can only buy so many cars! :)