Friday, October 30, 2009

Kids are funny

I remember saying how much I wanted Molly to talk and communicate with me and now I can't get her to stop! The kid loves to chat... just like her mother, huh? Here are a couple things she said the other day that made me crack up!

-Blake laid down with Molly to help her fall asleep. He was about to get up because Molly's eyes had been closed quite a while when he let out a toot. A few seconds passed and Molly started making sniffing noises. Then out of her sleep she said, "I smell something..." Blake was busted.

-We were all in the car exploring Grapevine for fun photography spots and were trying to find Rockledge Park. We looked it up on our phones and were following directions but still couldn't find it after driving over a half hour. I could tell Blake was really starting to get frustrated. After abandoning the directions and going on a hunch we turned on to an obvious street that we hadn't tried previously. Clear as daylight was a sign for Rockledge Park. By this time the park had already closed. Blake slammed his hands on the steering wheel and exclaimed, "You've got to be freakin' kidding me!!!" I was a little nervous that Molly was going to cry because Blake rarely yells. Instead she exploded with laughter from the backseat and said, "Daddy is a silly MONKEY!" over and over. I couldn't hold it in and started laughing. Before we knew it we were all laughing in the car over Blake's serious anger explosion.

Two year olds are hard, but boy are they hilarious!

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ATT Hickson said...

Molly is SO cute! ha ha! We need to get our two kiddos together so we can bump prego bellies! Hope you are doing well!