Monday, December 7, 2009

Helping Hands:)

I know that this isn't a very clear picture, but I had to post it because it has the cutest story! Molly and Kaiya had gymnastics as usual together and their routine included walking on the beam. This is a very spooky thing for both of them, but Molly had a new found sense of adventure and walked the line by herself. Kaiya began to shake a little as Miss Diane let go of her hand and encouraged her to do it herself. When she stood frozen at the end of the beam Miss Diane called for Molly. My kid had gotten distracted and was simply standing in the middle of the beam watching another class. But as soon as she saw Kaiya stranded on the other end she went over to help Kaiya face her fears. She took Kaiya's hand and they helped eachother down the beam. I love watching them care for one another. What good friends!

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