Friday, February 5, 2010

Stock Show

It's been a while since I posted, so I thought I'd put up a few pics from last month. We went to the stock show for "Bulls Night Out". It was awesome! It was wild cows and INSANE cowboys! My favorite part was when they did "Cowboy Poker". Four cowboys sat at a card table in the middle of the ring and a bull was let out. The last cowboy to stay sitting at the table won a bunch of money. The cowboy who won got his belt ripped in half by the bull. It was intense!

Molly got her first cowgirl hat, and I'm not surprised that it was purple and had a light up tiara. My picture in a cowgirl hat shows off my new Mommy bags under the eyes. Can you tell I haven't had much sleep since Porter was born??

Anyways, life has been busy but fun. Two kids is no joke! Everyday I try to keep up with my kids and be the best mom I can possibly be!


Kristen said...

molly has the prettiest hair! We got the kids cowboy hats last year at the rodeo too. Lily got pink and Gunnar got blue even though I tried to steer them in the more neutral colors. :) I love the color tone of your pics.

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!! Love the pic of Molly!

Anonymous said...

That last comment was me;) Keri

Jenni said...

ahh, you look gorgeous as ever girl!! If you think two is no joke, just wait till 3! =) We never made it to the stock show all the years we lived there...crazy!