Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weight Watchers

Hey, I've started weight watchers to lose my pregnancy weight and I was wondering if anyone had any good recipes for me? Low-cal, low-fat, tastes exactly like a mountain of chocolate;) I can't stand dieting, but the desire to fit into my pre(Molly)pregnancy clothes outweighs the desire for junk food!

I appreciate the recipes--y'all are great!


Anonymous said...

"Y'all". Texas has truly kidnapped my Megan. Um you don't need weight watchers, but apparently I need to do it too because everyone I know has informed that they are on weight watchers. I will ask around for tasty recipes, but seriously don't do it. You are perfect.

Blake and Meg said...

Well, it's either buy all new clothes or lose some weight so I fit into my old ones!

LeeAnn and Boys said...

I thought weight watchers was really great for me. I indulged regularly is sugar free pudding snacks, skinny cow ice cream sandwiches and 80 cal yoplait. Also Wasa crackers are like no points top it with Oscar
meyer Deli Fresh shaved turkey (this brand has half the cal/fat as others) tomato and a fresh basil leaf.