Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bulls Night Out!

We went to the stock show last night and had a fabulous time! As soon as we pulled up Molly started jumping up and down at all the lights from the carnival rides. I had to purchase a load of tickets to satiate her craving for extreme riding. Molly actually rode the tallest slide with her daddy in a potato sack. I was a little intimidated by it, to be honest, and I volunteered Blake to go with her. I think he was just as excited. Porter was not so much a fan and opted to eat corn dogs and funnel cakes. That boy can pound some food. After the rides we went into the exhibition hall and gawked at the tractors and trailers. Porter did not want to get off the trailers unless it was to move to a four wheeler. Molly spent 10 minutes with Elsie (the Bowden cow) and had a good talk with Grandpop about buying one. Thank goodness she didn't want to take "Fancy" home, the pony she got to ride on. But we did have an addition to our car ride home... Sparkle Lily Brady. She won Sparkles playing a carnival game. She is currently in Molly's backpack at school.

The rodeo was amazing. Bulls Night Out is a whole night of bull ridin! I am always amazed at the cowboys and how they manage to stay on those bulls. My favorite is cowboy poker. That is when four guys sit at a table while a bull is let into the ring. The last cowboy siting at the table wins the cash. Last year the bull actually ran right into a guys chair and chucked him across the arena. He was fine and it made for a good show! We didn't take any pictures of the bulls because we each had a kid in our lap, a camera bag and my purse. The seats are more compact than the worst airline, so snapping shots wasn't on my mind. But we had a GREAT time! We realized that each one of our kids have never missed a stock show since they were born... Brady tradition!

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Corey said...

That looks like so much fun. I texted you the other day but I don't know if I have the right number for you anymore. Anyway Chris is coming to Dallas for an intership this summber and then we will probably move there the next summer. I am sure I will have lots of questions for you about where to live. Anyway, I hope you are doing great. Your family is so precious.