Thursday, August 16, 2007

Grease Lightnin'

Angel face, but what to do with that hair??? It literally has a mind of its own. Every time we get out of the tub I have to shape it so it doesn't end up all over the place. But then we get crazy days like this when it's too radically cute that I don't want to tame it.
Molly's been going through a very fussy stage--all she wants is mama. I feel a little overwhelmed when she can't be set down or passed to anyone else. Even Blake at times is rejected. So I purchased a hot sling. I'll have to post a picture in my fabulous new find. I saw a woman carrying her child in one at church and immediately knew I needed one. Molly fits snugly in the stylish sling and I am able to go about my day with her glued to my belly. I've tried other slings before but this one takes the cake. Keep it in mind for the next baby shower you attend!
Please post a comment if you have any ideas to help tame the beast that is my child's hair, lol.

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Kristen said...

Too funny! How much was that sling?...Gunnar is the same way. He crawls over to the gate I set up by the kitchen and cries until I pick him up. It is funny because he always goes to the kitchen first to hunt me down when I am missing.