Monday, August 13, 2007


The day has come... Blake got his dog. His boss got a pure bred German Shepherd 3 months ago and just found out that his kids are allergic to the dog. When asked if he would take the dog, Blake jumped on the chance. Of course he asked me first, knowing that I would be the one spending all day with the puppy, and I couldn't say no. He was like a five year old asking for a treat at the grocery store. Her name when we got her was Reign and we changed it to Zoe. She is adjusting well and LOVES the baby. She loves to lick Molly in the face and protect her from the cat. Jinx, our cat, is a different story. She full on attacks the German Shepherd who is three times her size and is establishing her place on the totem pole. Although they have both come a long way since we first got Zoe, they still need to focus on loving one another. Molly thinks Zoe is hilarious and laughs when she comes to visit her in the swing. This pushes the dog to do more funny things and get into crazy mode. I feel like I now have three children. I have to keep the dog away from the cat and give enough attention to everyone. But we love the change and are excited about having a dog. Blake loves to be Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer and make her be obedient. I, on the other hand, need to learn how to be a "pack leader".

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kasha said...

Zoe is so cute! I love this blogging stuff. I was going to use this very site! Everyone I know is doing it. I set it up, I just need to put something on it.

Josh is all over Mr. Milan! I have all of his dvd's, but loaned them to friends in Michigan. I will send them to you if I get the back!