Tuesday, August 28, 2007


This weekend Blake, Molly and I went to Houston for Tyler and Andrea's wedding (my brother and his fiance). Unfortunately Andrea got very ill and the wedding has been postponed. But we made the best of a sad weekend and hung out with our friends from Tampa that moved to Houston. Scott Jackson played for the Tampa Buccanears but moved his family to play for the Houston Texans last summer. Since we weren't going to a wedding reception on Saturday, Scott and Ashley invited us to the Texans-Cowboys preseason football game. We had a BLAST to say the least. With Scott and Ashley you get the royal treatment. It was hard to remember who we were rooting for. The Cowboys are our home team, but we wanted to root for Scott. The Texans won and everyone was thrilled. Scott took us out onto the field after the game and gave us post-game reception tickets. We felt like celebrities. My mom bought Molly a Texans cheerleader uniform and when we were going to the post-game activities we ran into the real Texan cheerleaders who thought Molly was the cutest thing ever.

It was fun to see my family who came down from Seattle. They had a great time with Molly and was amazed at how much she's grown. She turned four months on Saturday. Although it was sad not to have a wedding, it's nice to have another excuse for a family reunion.


Betina said...

Hey Meg! I am excited to see tidbits from your life up here. Molly is a cute little gal.

I can't believe you have a DOG! I think you have much more patience than I ever will, to have an infant and a dog in the same house at the same time.

Good Luck!

La Dolce Vita said...

Traitors!! Molly sure does look pretty cute though...I'll give you that. GO COWBOYS!! =)