Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Summer is Over

Summer is officially over for the kids in school, but Texas continues the hot weather! I love this state, but I have to say the month of August was ridiculous. I'm hoping September will be better. Our new puppy who is almost the size of a full grown German Shepherd keeps us moving and sweating. Blake got on his skate board and ran her this afternoon after I roller bladed around the neighborhood. She still had energy to play fetch after we were finished. We try everything to tire her out so she doesn't chew my baseboards (her new favorite hobby). But she is very smart and will be a good dog as soon as she's trained. Blake is busy with his houses. I will have to post a picture of the 1.6 million he just completed. Thomas Cole Custom Homes is doing very well and is ready to build a 3 million dollar house next month. What do you even put in a 3 million dollar house is my question! Where's mine???

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Anonymous said...

I watched Molly laugh twice. That is the cutest laugh. My question is what the heck are you doing to make her laugh. Sounds dangerous whatever it is. I will call you next week. Josh and I are going to Vegas for our anniversary this weekend. Doesn't that make you feel good that we have lasted longer in marriage than most celebrities?