Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Christmas Box

A package arrived today full of presents. One would think that the presents would be all the fun, but no... the box is so much better! Molly had a blast with her box. I thank Nana (my mom) for hours of distracted fun this morning. A nice break from the teething woes.


Here are some cute pics of the munchkin playing with her beloved box:


Kristen said...

Her hair is getting so long. I love how you have it in a clip.

Jenni said...

WHo needs toys? SHe is looking so cute!!!

Bethany said...

I learned long ago that the best toys are those that come out of the kichen drawers.

ashlee said...

isn't it the funniest thing that they could seriously care less about the toys with all the bells and whistles! my dad cut out a box house for ellie and my nephew was in heaven when he came over... that was all he wanted to play with! molly sure is a cutie!