Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Don't Mind if I Do!"

Molly is OBSESSED with the fridge! Whenever I open the door, she zooms in and proceeds to take everything out of the side shelves. She lines them up on the floor and then puts them back. This could go on for hours, but I refuse to refrigerate the entire house!

If you can't tell, Molly has had another spill which has marked her already scratched up face. While chasing the dog around in the backyard, Molly fell on the concrete and scratched her nose. Combined with her crazy hair (she refuses to keep hair tie in) she looks like a tom boy.


Chris and Tara Mason said...

Oh - her poor nose! It makes my eyes water just looking at it!

Tris said...

She is sure a rough & tumble girl, I guess I have a lot of falls to look forward to once Kaiya starts walking.

I love her hair in the last pic, it looks like she has a mohawk!

Katie Anderson said...

She is just like her mommy and her mommy's friend Meagan Jackman..haha!!!

Keri Hibbard said...

Kade is also obsessed with the fridge. He likes to get the marinating sauce out which has a lid that just doesn't snap down and he knows it. So of course the bottle is almost empty and I have never used it yet.