Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fear of Flying

Do you have a fear of flying? I didn't until I had a one year-old.

The last call for boarding sounds and I'm shaking in my boots knowing that my child is wide awake with no intention of napping. My palms are sweaty as I grab Blake's hand and step onto the plane. Molly is smiling at everyone in their seats--she is drunk with power knowing that at any moment she can make their flight MISERABLE! We make our way to 16 D&E. As we set up our "station" (bottle, binkie, blankie, book, and toy crammed into the seat pocket in front of us) we notice a man looking at his ticket and eyeing the seat by the window. Yes, he is the unfortunate stranger who got the seat next to a toddler.

Twenty minutes into the flight Molly is starting to squirm and I begin sweating. She wants to walk around the cabin in her squeaky shoes. I am frantically searching for candy in my bag knowing that at any moment the screaming will begin. But something inside of Blake clicks and he remembers a secret weapon lodged in the computer bag. Call it inspiration, fate, destiny, but Blake pulls out his iPod. He turns it on an episode of South Park and Molly is mesmerized. I may be a terrible mother for letting my child watch South Park, but at flight 1735 out of Dallas was saved


Jenni said...

hahaha---no judgement here! I say you do WHATEVER it is you have to so your flight goes the best it can...she is such a cutie!!!

Chris and Tara Mason said...

I hate the looks that you get from people on the plane when you are traveling with kids! It's like adults think that airplanes should only belong to them! One time, we had some guy sitting next to us who was watching porn on his computer AND MY KIDDOS COULD HAVE EASILY SEEN IT!! And then last week, the fellas sitting in back of us decided to get drunk and use extremely foul language in loud voices!!!

Anonymous said...

I volunteer to sit by Molly on any and all trips! Grandma aka Libby

John, Carrie, Baby Boy, and Swampy Coplen said...

How fun!! Where did you guys go?