Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Supermarket Sweep!

Molly and I did our weekly grocery run today and Molly made sure she participated! Market Street has little buggies that kids can push around and fill up just like Mommy. This was a treat for Molly, but it only lasted five minutes. I didn't trust her buggy driving abilities when it came to the complex labyrinth that is the grocery store.


The Bham Family said...

How cute! She wants to be just like her mom :) I would be afraid that Drew would find some way to knock down a row of food or something!

Kelly said...

yeah, that might work if I had to go in for like ONE item and didn't really need to get groceries and just wanted to chase after Ria

Gowdies said...

How fun! She is getting so grown up! It goes by too fast.