Saturday, August 1, 2009

Princess Party

Have you ever been invited to a Princess Party? Well, we prepped like it was the prom! Nana (my mom) made sure Molly was decked out with a new Belle dress for the party, so thank you Nana for making us beautiful for the big day:) Molly's favorite part of the assemble are the shoes... could you blame her?

Notice the M&Ms... we had to do a little bribing

I think this one is hillarious... it looks like Ava is giving Molly all the nursery gossip that she missed the previous week:

This is what happens when 2 and 3 year-olds see presents and toys... every princess swarmed to the new toy:

Cupcake Time:

All the pretty princesses:


Anonymous said...

What a dream come true! Mega thanks to Nanna for supplying the dress and shoes. Molly and friends are very special girls. Thanks for posting these, Meg. Grandma Libby

Jennifer Lindstrom said...

Cute cute cute!!!! That looks like so much fun! Why don't we ever have grownup girl princess parties?